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Here below you can find the report of the EUROSINT FORUM annual general meeting.

A newboard has been elected :

• For President: Gari Owen
• For Treasurer: Axel Dyèvre
• For Secretary: Caroline Calvez

All  present expressed their gratitude to the outgoing President Adrian TAYLOR for his hard work and leadership during his tenure. His efforts have led to its success.   Gratitude and good wishes for the future are conveyed on behalf all Forum participants.


Members only information

EUROSINT FORUM is a not-for-profit ASBL (Association under Belgian Law).

We are publishing the first financial results of the forum. The first fiscal year covers both the last
few months of 2006 and all of 2007 (since the creation of the FORUM, as indicated in the status of the association).

You will find attached :

- a short overview of the accounts (in english)

- the detailed accounts (in french)  

Our accountant is Mr Olivier Piron.

If you have any question, please contact Axel Dyèvre, Treasurer (...

Reports and documentation are available (members only)

For Government officials from European countries and institutions, the Speed Dating format aimed to provide the chance to see what technologies and also what services (anything from privately produced OSINT through to consulting) are now available in for use in Open Source Intelligence.


0900-0930 Registration: preparation of presentation material by Providers

0930-1000 Welcome: brief speech and chance for introductions and exchange of expectations

1000-1100 Panel...


1 - Meeting Report EUROSINT Forum Meta-Data Tagging

2 - International Relations and Security Network (ISN) - Content Classification System (CCS)

3 - EUROSINT Forum OSINF/T Training Syllabus


Here below you can find the report of the EUROSINT FORUM annual general meeting.