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The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has recently published a study confirming that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provide user data access to Geofeedia, a social media surveillance start-up that provide OSINT techniques, used by government offices, private security firms, marketers and others.


Source: Europol

28 Septembre 2016

According to the last  Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) recently published by EUROPOL - the  European Union’s law enforcement agency - there is an increasing convergence between cybercrime and terrorism. Indeed, "Terrorists are becoming increasingly proficient in hiding their traces and activities...


Source: Financial Times

29 septembre 2016

Last week, Alex Younger, the chief of MI6, spelt out the shift in a public speech with fellow spymasters in Washington.

Britain's changing its vision towards how intelligence should be done and therefore changing secret services. Shifts like these "throw everything up in the air, the nexus of...


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Date: September 6, 2016

US military and intelligence-affiliated research outfits have played a major role in the recent history of technology and innovation. This article profiles 12 early- to mid stage tech startups that are backed by investment firms that are US government-affiliated and security-oriented: DARPA, which commissions research for the US Department of Defense, ...


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A belgian governmental statement specifies that « Concerning the fight against radicalism, extremism and terrorism, the General Service of intelligence and security, the State security and the Federal Police want to acquire and develop an effective system that collects open sources and social media information ».

Nowadays, all modern intelligence services use OSINT: they gather data available in open sources, sort out...

This Strategic Note originates from the work conducted in the FP7 RECOBIA project as well as an article published by Axel Dyèvre in the January 2015 issue of the French magazine “Revue de la Défense Nationale”. The original version of this note was published in French in June 2015. It presents the key findings of the project:
  • 7 Key intelligence...

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The CIA gained a major intelligence advantage by embracing something available to everyone: open source data sets.
The agency operates the intelligence community’s Open Source Enterprise and has been hiring open source specialists to analyze public data sets and combine them with classified data.
“It's been a tremendous, I think, advantage as far as trying to fulfill our various missions,” said CIA Director...

By Spencer Ackerman

Source : The Guardian

Brexit or not, a symbol of the durability of the US-UK security relationship is found on a Royal Air Force base set in the green rolling hills of the home counties around 70 miles north-west of London.

The US is moving forward with consolidating its transatlantic intelligence analysis operations within a planned Joint Intelligence Analysis Complex at RAF Croughton, a priority for the US military’s European...


By Michela Menting

Source: ABI Research

The rather surprising outcome of the UK referendum today has emotions running high: shock, glee, anger, fear. But perhaps the predominant feeling is uncertainty. After 43 years of inclusion, the UK is the first country to decide to leave the European Union...