Membership Information


This English language translation of the French language text (see attached find below) has been prepared for information purposes only.

In the event of any discrepancy between the French language original and this English language translation, the French language original will prevail.Neither EUROSINT FORUM nor any of its Members or Representatives will incur any liability in connection with this English translation.

As provided in the Statutes, applications for membership of the EUROSINT Forum are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. There are three categories of membership: full members, associated members and honorary members.

Full Members have voting rights and Associate Members and Honorary members have an advisory vote at General Assemblies of the EUROSINT Forum.

1. Membership fees for Full Members

Governmental/Institutional sponsor

To be discussed on a case by case basis


Individual Organisations [1]

€ 200

Small & Medium Organisations[2]

€ 1000

Larger Organisations[3]

€ 5000

Industry Association

€ 700


€ 300

2. Membership fees for Associate Members

There are two categories of Associate Members: Associate Members coming from Administrations and Associate Members coming from the private, industrial or research sector. Associate Members have an advisory vote at General Assemblies of the EUROSINT Forum.

Associate Members from Administration are officials coming from Governments of Member States, European Institutions and International Organizations. This membership category is exempted from any contributions / fees.

Associate Members from private sector:

Individual Organisation [4]

€ 100

Small & Medium Organisations[5]

€ 750

Larger Organisations[6]

€ 3500

Industry Association

€ 500


€ 200

3. Honorary Members and Steering Committee


By decision of the Board of Directors, a Steering Committee could be established, at the most appropriate time, depending on the strategic development of the EUROSINT Forum.

Members of the Steering Committee are Honorary Members.

The Steering Committee will be composed of Members who have rendered distinguished services to the EUROSINT Forum or non Members with significant experience regarding the objectives and priorities of the EUROSINT Forum and who have rendered distinguished service to the association.

The Honorary Members, represented as individuals, can be part of scientific or research organizations, political or businesses. They will be selected for their commitment to the values promoted by the association, their openness mind and their positive and independent views.


Main tasks of the Steering Committee :

  • To advise the Board of Directors on future developments and make proposals on the enhancement of the tasks of the EUROSINT Forum.
  • To improve the overall strategic and coherent thinking related to developments and future orientations of the Association in accordance with the objectives outlined in the Statutes, based in particular on a critical analysis on the evolution of the Association.

The Steering Committee will meet at least once a year by decision of the Board of Directors.

This membership category is exempt from any contribution / fees.

[1] An individual organisation is defined as an organisation which employs 1 person.

[2] A small or medium organisation is defined as an organisation which employs from 2 to 99 persons.

[3] A larger organisation is defined as an organisation which employs 100 persons or more.