Involvement in EU projects

Since 2010, the EUROSINT Forum has been involved in projects funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme.

The General Assembly of Members introduced the possibility for the EUROSINT Forum to obtain EU funding in the framework of one or several EU calls for projects.


The conditions of Involvement of the EUROSINT Forum in EU-funded projects are as follows:

•    The EUROSINT Forum will only be involved in 100%-funded tasks (e.g. management, networking, dissemination, etc.).  

In case EUROSINT is involved in tasks that are not covered by 100% funding, the sum of the membership fees from the project's consortium partners must at least cover the difference.

•    Partners of the consortium must formally commit to join the EUROSINT Forum as full members for the whole duration of the project.

The membership fees must be paid as soon as the project starts. This commitment cannot be accompanied with any sort of eligibility conditions of membership fees in regard to the direct costs of the project.

•    Involvement of the EUROSINT Forum in the project and the commitment of the consortium partners to become members of the associations must be sent via email or a letter and accompanied with the consent of all consortium partners. This is the responsibility of the member who has submitted the proposal.