"Social media intelligence, the wayward child of open source intelligence"


In this article, the disctinction made between OSINT and SOCMINT is clearly explained. 

Privacy International suggests viewing SOCMINT as a distinct concept than OSINT. "The surveillance of social media should be removed from the definition of, and discussion about, OSINT. Instead, it should be treated as an issue its own right. This would ensure more specific regulation, policies and safeguards that take into account the very unique and specific nature of social media: a privately-owned space (i.e. owned by private companies) where people share their thoughts".

Three main concerns in the use of OSINT is expressed by writter Evanna Hu (also relevant to SOCMINT):

- the volume and reliability of data;

- the sensitivity of information;

- and the ability to identify individuals despite their attempts at anonymisation. 

Evanna Hu urges awareness and wants a "public discussion about the rights of law enforcement agencies, governement and companies to monitor us and make life changing decisions based on our social media posts".

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