EUROSINT FORUM has as its goals to:

  • Facilitate the activities of its members in the area of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and to contribute to a better communication between them on this subject;
  • Promote thinking on the development of the European Union's policies, in particular in the use of OSINT in the field of security in its broadest sense, (crisis management, humanitarian aid, civil protection...) and with regard to external relations;
  • Gather private sector actors dealing with security and intelligence issues in a European association which is thus able to talk with one voice to the public authorities (European institutions and other organisms on the European level or actors from Member States) and thus to contribute to building a positive image for OSINT in the EU, as well as raising interest in the EU institutions and Member States in joining reflection in the Forum;
  • Pool activities of research and development through networking of clusters of actors at the EU level;
  • Encourage the creation of partnerships between private companies and/or public organisms, to create European consortiums that can bring forward new projects.

These goals will be achieved by pursuing the following sorts of activities:

  • Gathering people from organisations who, by their position or experience, or education, are susceptible to be able to contribute to the goals of the association, and facilitating their regular meeting;
  • Organising seminars and conferences around themes that are of direct interest to the OSINT community, as well as producing publications on this;
  • Contributing to exchanges of views between national and European levels, and to participate in informing the authorities on the issues covered by the association;
  • Improving education on the subjects handled by the association, creating a European school of thought on OSINT ;
  • Producing studies and supporting analytical activities;
  • Being involved and sustaining European projects.