European and action-oriented, EUROSINT FORUM is a not-for-profit association                                                     (Belgium ASBL) dedicated to European cooperation and use of Open Source                                                       Intelligence that prevent risks and threats to peace and security.

EUROSINT FORUM is acting to:

  • Identify needs in process, methodology and tools
  • Study best practices
  • Encourage pre-competitive research project
  • Bring together specialists and users
  • Increase opportunities for cross-fertilization
  • Help promote relevant Scientific and Technical Development
Open Source Intelligence or "OSINT"
OSINT refers to an intelligence gathering discipline based on analyzing information collected from open sources, i.e. information available to the general public. These sources include newspapers, the internet, books, phone books, scientific journals, radio broadcasts, television, and others (Source: Wikipedia).

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This Strategic Note originates from the work conducted in the FP7 RECOBIA project as well as an article published by Axel Dyèvre in the January 2015 issue of the French magazine “Revue de la Défense Nationale”. The original version of this note was published in French in June 2015. It presents the key findings of the project:
  • 7 Key intelligence...

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The CIA gained a major intelligence advantage by embracing something available to everyone: open source data sets.
The agency operates the intelligence community’s Open Source Enterprise and has been hiring open source specialists to analyze public data sets and combine them with classified data.
“It's been a tremendous, I think, advantage as far as trying to fulfill our various missions,” said CIA Director...