European and action-oriented, EUROSINT FORUM is a not-for-profit association                                                     (Belgium ASBL) dedicated to European cooperation and use of Open Source                                                       Intelligence that prevent risks and threats to peace and security.

EUROSINT FORUM is acting to:

  • Identify needs in process, methodology and tools
  • Study best practices
  • Encourage pre-competitive research project
  • Bring together specialists and users
  • Increase opportunities for cross-fertilization
  • Help promote relevant Scientific and Technical Development


Open Source Intelligence or "OSINT"
OSINT refers to an intelligence gathering discipline based on analyzing information collected from open sources, i.e. information available to the general public. These sources include newspapers, the internet, books, phone books, scientific journals, radio broadcasts, television, and others (Source: Wikipedia).

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The ENISA Threat Landscape (ETL 2017) is yearly report produced by the European cybersecurity agency. It analyses state-of-the-art in cyberthreats based on OSINT. A section of the ETL provides an overview of recent developments in cyber-threat intelligence positions the ETL and summarizes some cyber-threat intelligence issues that are seen as emerging. Interestingly, the reports stresses the importance hove developing the adequate analysis functions in addition to massive data collection...


The UK government agrees, allocating more than £26 million over the next three years to support new approaches to “transforming policing for the future”, according to Amber Rudd, the home secretary (...) Indeed, the nature of policing is changing dramatically. Officers can no longer rely on only their instincts and trusty notepad to keep our streets safe, as crimes become increasingly difficult to detect.

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