European and action-oriented, EUROSINT FORUM is a not-for-profit association (Belgium ASBL) dedicated to European cooperation and use of Open Source Intelligence that prevent risks and threats to peace and security.

EUROSINT FORUM is acting to:

  • Identify needs in process, methodology and tools
  • Study best practices
  • Encourage pre-competitive research project
  • Bring together specialists and users
  • Increase opportunities for cross-fertilization
  • Help promote relevant Scientific and Technical Development

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Latest News and Events


By Regina Joseph

Source: ISN

8 June 2015

Senior US intelligence leaders are starting to doubt whether ‘experts’ are the best forecasters of emerging risks. Regina Joseph, however, has other culprits in mind. Familiar cultural and bureaucratic obstacles may be more to blame for the foresight training and analysis problems intelligence agencies face today.

The aim of intelligence analysis is straightforward enough: to foresee emerging threats to the extent that one can...


Brussels, 2 February 2015

The RECOBIA project found break-through solutions to improve the quality of intelligence production and delivers applicable solutions to address the human factor in intelligence.

The RECOBIA project found break-trough results in the field of intelligence and in mitigating the negative effect of cognitive biases. The three-year research project identifies ways to improve the work of intelligence officers by reducing the negative effect of those unconscious...

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence or “OSINT” refers to an intelligence gathering discipline based on analyzing information collected from open sources, i.e. information available to the general public. These sources include newspapers, the internet, books, phone books, scientific journals, radio broadcasts, television, and others. The term OSINT is unrelated to the term open source as that term is used in the computer software community to refer to programs whose source code is publicly available (and modifiable).

Source: Wikipedia