European and action-oriented, EUROSINT FORUM is a not-for-profit association                                                     (Belgium ASBL) dedicated to European cooperation and use of Open Source                                                       Intelligence that prevent risks and threats to peace and security.

EUROSINT FORUM is acting to:

  • Identify needs in process, methodology and tools
  • Study best practices
  • Encourage pre-competitive research project
  • Bring together specialists and users
  • Increase opportunities for cross-fertilization
  • Help promote relevant Scientific and Technical Development


Open Source Intelligence or "OSINT"
OSINT refers to an intelligence gathering discipline based on analyzing information collected from open sources, i.e. information available to the general public. These sources include newspapers, the internet, books, phone books, scientific journals, radio broadcasts, television, and others (Source: Wikipedia).

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Just as the Internet has provided unimagined opportunities for sinister forces to spy on our affairs, it gives citizens the means to shine a spotlight on the criminal and the corrupt. Increasingly, in an online world where almost nothing goes unrecorded, there is no place left for killers to hide in anonymity. Tracking methods that were once the domain of snooping authoritarian regimes can now be used by citizens “to find out what the security services are doing”.

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Open-source intelligence is both well-established and used extensively by intelligence agencies and law enforcement. Since the advent of the internet, social media, and smartphones, open-source intelligence has undergone a revolution as people willingly and publicly post vast amounts of information about themselves online. Actors outside of the traditional intelligence community have begun to sit up and take notice. One study found that in 2014, about 80 percent of federal, state, and local law enforcement in the United States were using social media platforms as intelligence-gathering...