European and action-oriented, EUROSINT FORUM is a not-for-profit association                                                     (Belgium ASBL) dedicated to European cooperation and use of Open Source                                                       Intelligence that prevent risks and threats to peace and security.

EUROSINT FORUM is acting to:

  • Identify needs in process, methodology and tools
  • Study best practices
  • Encourage pre-competitive research project
  • Bring together specialists and users
  • Increase opportunities for cross-fertilization
  • Help promote relevant Scientific and Technical Development


Open Source Intelligence or "OSINT"
OSINT refers to an intelligence gathering discipline based on analyzing information collected from open sources, i.e. information available to the general public. These sources include newspapers, the internet, books, phone books, scientific journals, radio broadcasts, television, and others (Source: Wikipedia).

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Latest News and Events


On 16 and 17 May 2018, the EUROSINT Forum organized a workshop in Vienna with the support of one of its members, Sail Labs. This event gathered more than 20 participants from public organisations (FRONTEX, JRC, national ministries of defence and interior), NGOs (Austrian red cross, START Network etc.) and the industry around the topic of disaster management and the use of artificial intelligence and big data in forecasting.

While AI is the new tech buzzword, this event explored the tangible benefits of AI technologies for crisis managers by presenting both the needs of organisations...


This report presents a framework for understanding the modern practice of OSINT. The report describes the evolution of OSINT over the past 50-plus years, defines open source information and the OSINT cycle, and draws parallels between open source as an intelligence discipline and other intelligence disciplines. It also examines the methods used by open source tools and the challenges of using off-the-shelf technology for open source analysis.

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